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ProMelt™ Premium Liquid de-icers

Innovative’s ProMelt™ line of premium liquid de-icers offer an attractive Price to Performance Ratio with superior magnesium chloride and calcium chloride products delivering effective solutions for all of your winter road maintenance needs.

Liquid de-icing involves either a pro-active application or re-active placement of a liquid ice melting agent on the pavement surface prior to the accumulation of frozen precipitation, or to an already existing ice or hard pack snow surface. When applied in a stream pattern, performance enhancing liquids vertically penetrate the snowpack and break the bond at the road surface. Using liquid to "pre-wet" conventional solid de-icers also reduces bounce and scatter, and environmental emissions while increasing performance and service levels.

Safe for the environment - our magnesium chloride is safe for the environment and approved for organic production as crop fertilizer or soil amendment by OMRI (the Organic Materials Review Institute) in the United States and Canada.


ProMelt™ liquids are designed to prevent the bond formation between snow and pavement surfaces allowing for easy removal with plowing.


Using the power of magnesium chloride, ProMelt™ liquids are used by leading salt companies to significantly improve the working temperature of salt and accelerate the brining process for faster melting.


ProMelt™ liquids are effective pre-wetting agents for salt and sand, reducing bounce and scatter and decrease the time needed for salt to begin melting. They can be used to pre-wet treated salt further enhancing melting performance.

High performance magnesium chloride liquid that delivers a strong residual effect on road surfaces, improving melting on road surfaces and results in  long lasting performance

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High performance calcium chloride liquid that improves melting on road surfaces. Only Available in the United States.

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Versatile effective winter liquid composed of a blend of magnesium chloride and feed grade molasses suitable for a variety of applications.

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Refined corn carbohydrate derivative blended with magnesium chloride engineered for snow and ice control, delivering unparalleled performance in colder environments.

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