Testimonials and Case Studies
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Testimonials and Case Studies

Clear Roads Research Brief - AG-based de-icers effective at cold temperatures.

Clear Roads Research Brief - Understanding the Effectiveness of Non-Chloride Liquid Agricultural By-Products and Solid Complex Chloride/Mineral Products

New Bedford uses ProMelt Magnesium Chloride and reaps the benefits.

New Bedford roads clear, thanks to new treatment.

ProMelt Liquid de-icers.

City of Rutland Vermont - Treated Salt Success Story.

“We tried other liquids in the past with limited success. After switching to ProMelt Mag 30% the Town of Westwood found that we got to bare roads quicker while utilizing less salt. Our roads are safer than ever and our community is very happy.”
- Todd Korchin, Director of Public Works

“Innovative’s AgMag provides farmers with an organic option to strengthen their crops that is superior to traditional Epsom salts used by many organic farmers as a source of magnesium. This magnesium chloride solution gives organic farmers access to the same benefits of this fertilizer that have been available to non-organic farmers in North America for more than 20 years.”
- Ray McDonald, General Manager, Cangrow Crop Solutions

"I am writing to express my satisfaction with the winter maintenance program that Innovative Surface has provided my town over the past thirteen years. We have been using the Brown magic Pre Treated salt with great success. Previously we used salt and sand blends and put down a lot of material. Eliminating the sand in our winter mix was the first step in eliminating unnecessary material on the road which caused dust and extensive clean up in the spring. This has been completely eliminated, saving us time, money and the need to broom off the wasted sand in the spring. We have also significantly reduced our application rate resulting in less material in the environment.

We found the roads stayed bare longer with the residual of the Magic liquid left on the roadways sometimes working well into the next storm. On several occasions our neighboring towns would have to go out a second time and salt again, our roads would still be bare. Also when we are salting the roads the salt stays on the roadway and doesn’t bounce off. The greater melting performance of the pretreated salt was a huge difference when the temperature dropped in to the teens and single digits as this product performs much better than salt in the colder temperatures. I have also noticed less corrosion on my equipment since we began using Magic treated salt exclusively. We fill our salt barn in the spring for the following season and the mixed salt doesn’t get hard over the summer like it used to before using Magic. When I first started using Magic some of my neighboring towns would call me and ask what are you using on your roads? You are making me look bad!

I am extremely pleased with the material, the sales staff, timely delivery and ease of ordering."
-Mark E. Schroeder, Town of Caledonia, Highway Superintendent

“We operate a business called Perth Dust Control and have been offering dust control services throughout Southwestern Ontario since 1992. During our time in business, we have tried a wide variety of dust control products and have evaluated each and every one of them based on cost and product performance. Consistently, we have found that Innovative’s ProGuard magnesium chloride out performs anything else on the market. Although there are many less expensive products around, none of them work as well or last as long as magnesium chloride from Innovative Surface Solutions. When customers try to cut corners and go with the “cheaper” products, those products need to be applied more frequently which means added cost and inconvenience to their business. With ProGuard MAG, we find that one application is sufficient to last the entire summer and often times it even carries forward into the following year!

We have developed an excellent working relationship with Innovative over the past 20 years and look forward to many more years of continued success. We would strongly recommend Innovative’s dust control product to anyone that deals with the challenges of working in a dusty environment.”
-Steve and Larry Kuepfer, Perth Dust Control

“We have been a reseller of Innovative Surface Solution’s products for the past several years. From the time we started working with Innovative, we have found them to be a great organization that stands behind the products they sell. They have experienced staff members that are passionate about the snow and ice control industry and are always willing to help out if we have questions or need any additional help or support.

Because our reputation is important to us, we do not sell any products that we ourselves have not used and tested. So we can vouch that Innovative’s full line-up of liquids, bulk treated salt and packaged ice-melters work extremely well and offer exceptional value for the money. We compare the properties that we manage to other properties, we notice a big difference in the level of service that we are able to provide. In fact, we have received a number of comments from people asking how we are able to keep our customer’s parking lots so well maintained when other parking lots are covered in snow and ice. Basically, we attribute this to the fact that Innovative’s products work extremely well in cold temperatures when other products are not up to the task. As a result we don’t have to “over apply” rock salt in the hopes that it will work if we put more on. In addition to this, their liquid products and bulk treated salt offer a longer residual effect so we don’t have to go out and reapply the products as often.

In short, we are extremely happy with our partnership with Innovative Surface Solutions and would strongly recommend their company and their products to anyone involved in the snow and ice control industry. “
-Randy Adams, Adams Landscape Supply